Camilla Atkins was born on the first day of Spring in the Eighties. That should say it all really. Born in New York, later migrating back to English soil to spend her childhood in the Cotswolds and her teens in Kent, and then onto college and University in Brighton, and then the move up to the big smoke....London, which leads us to the here and now.

Camilla graduated from the University of Brighton in 2010 with a degree in Printed Textiles, and since them has been working in Kent and East London bars and restaurants to finance and support her dreams of becoming a Print Designer. She is currently undertaking an internship at Topshop, and is a freelance designer for OAFFI, a print company based in Seattle, whilst undertaking other small sideline projects as and when she can. 

"I have only one be me, do what i do, and be the best at it, not much to ask really."